Print Reselling and Print Reseller Schemes

So what is Print Reselling and Print Reseller Schemes?

Print Reseller Schemes, Print Reseller and Print Reselling are relatively new terms being used more and more in design industry circles.

1) Print Reseller Schemes are basically another name for trade price lists offered by some printers, this discounted price list will not be available to the general public.

2) A Print Reseller is usually a graphic or website designer, or somebody with a flair for design that has a good understanding of professional graphic design software in order to produce print ready artwork.

3) Print Reselling is the art of marketing and selling printed products to businesses and the general public, substantially undercutting local printers.

There are many Print Reseller Schemes available online, a large number of very bad ones and a handful of good ones so ensure the one you pick is the latter. If you find a good Print Reseller Scheme with competitive prices, high quality products and fantastic customer service then you have the potential to make a lot of money.

The prices on offer to you will be much much lower than you could source locally, this means that you can mark up the print product and still substantially undercut local print companies. Price is very important, however, high quality products are key to being successful. Once you are confident that you have found a good Print Reseller Scheme, all you have to do now is market your print products and design services to local businesses.

If you are already an established Graphic Design company, you will find that offering competitive prices on print will draw customers to your business, dramatically increasing the amount of design jobs that you do. For example, you advertise some Business Cards in your local paper at a very good price, substantially undercutting local print companies. Customers without print ready artwork will also want to take advantage of this, your design services can then be offered.