Finally our website is live!

Well it has taken just over 12 months, with many problems and lots of stress along the way, however, I am happy to say that our new look website is finally complete and live:

The new site is a vast improvement on the old one and now enables our customers to purchase print and design online (at some of the UK’s best prices may I add). I would like to apologise and also thank everybody who has asked over the past 12 months when the new site will be live, for me to respond “around 2 weeks”, which was probably a little optimistic on my part, better late than never 🙂

A big thanks to our developer who has worked very hard, advised and helped out on many occasions along the way, top bloke!

Anyway, hope you like it, I’d usually ask for constructive feedback on the site but I feel anything bad will just finish me off, so, i’m not going to! 🙂