Our Top 5 Print Reselling Tips

If you are a graphic/website designer or someone with artistic flair that can produce print ready artwork then reselling print may be an excellent revenue stream for you. Below are our top 5 tips…

1) Research Your Printer:
Check for customer feedback online; most printers will have reviews left about them on one of the many review sites. You will be able to gauge what the company is like from these reviews. Remember, price isn’t everything, if the printer is cheap but they have negative reviews then listen to the customer feedback over the prices on offer.

2) Request Samples:
Always ask for a sample pack so that you can not only see the stock on offer but also the print quality and finishes available. You will also be able to gauge the kind of company you are dealing with as to how quick the samples are sent to you, if at all! If they can’t provide samples in a timely manner then steer clear.

3) Choose UK:
Ensure your chosen printer is actually based in the UK, also ensure you are not dealing with a reseller who is farming out print overseas. There are some really cheap prices available in eastern Europe but more often than not quality, turnaround and customer service are often jeopardised. Also bear in mind these overseas companies are not covered by UK law should any problems arise.

4) White Label Websites:
Some printers will offer the easy option of a white label website, this basically gives you an ecommerce shop selling their products straightaway (for a fee of course), but going down this route ties you to said printer! This may be an easy start for you but if your printer’s quality or customer service declines you cannot just go elsewhere, you may own the domain name (always ensure you own the domain name) but the website and back end system (along with all your customer’s details) belong to the print company. We would always recommend starting out slowly and testing the market, if it looks good which it usually does then look at having your own website developed, at least that way you are free to do as you please.

5) Concentrate On Your Local Market:
This is by far our best tip, dependant on the printer you decide to choose it may be very difficult to compete on price with other online printers. We would always recommend that you concentrate on your local market, the local businesses that still use the expensive printer on the high street. These are the types of businesses that you should target as you will be able to substantially undercut their current printers, reduce their costs and still make a healthy profit margin.

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