The Two Sides Campaign

Promoting the attractiveness and sustainability of print and paper

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Two Sides is an ‘initiative by companies from the Graphic Communications Value Chain’ whose ‘common goal is to promote the responsible production and use of print and paper, and dispel common environmental misconception’.

So what does all this mean?
As you will read on the Two Sides website the print and paper industries are under threat by Non-Government Organisations (NGO’s) who have taken advantage of the general misconceptions surrounding the printing industry and use of paper. There is an overwhelming belief amongst consumers that ‘paper damages forests and is a wasteful product’, which of course is not true paper is derived from wood, a natural and renewable material.

‘The print and paper industries now find themselves in the unusual position of having to define and justify the benefits and strengths of print and paper media; something that has always been taken for granted in the absence of other competition’.
‘Those seeking to promote electronic media and associated services have taken advantage of consumer concerns and often promote electronic media as an environmentally friendly alternative to print and paper’.

As a result of a recent survey and other research (you can find out more about this on the Two Sides website), Two Sides has developed a new campaign entitled ‘No Wonder You Love Paper’. You will be likely to see many images like the one below in circulation promoting the campaign.

Two Sides ‘No Wonder You Love Paper’ Campaign

Adverts from the campaign have two clear messages which talk about forestry or recycling.

One of which is:

Did you know that forests in Europe, which provide wood for making into paper and many other widely used materials, are 30% larger than in 1950? In fact they’re increasing by 1.5 million football pitches every year.†

Magazines are printed on paper from natural and renewable wood which is all good to know if you love reading your favourite magazine.

† World Forest Resources, 1953 and UN FAO Global Forest Resources Assessment, 2010

Want to know more?
Take a look at Two Sides ‘No Wonder You Love Paper’ Campaign