The Myth: Making paper destroys forests

The Fact: Paper production supports sustainable forest management.

European forests have grown by over 30% since 1950 and are increasing in size by an area four times the size of London every year!
Forest Resources, 1953 and UN FAO Global Forest Resources Assessment – 2010

Forests cover almost half of Europe’s land and forest area continues to increase. Over the last 20 years the forest area has expanded in all European regions and has gained 0.8 million hectares each year.
MCPFE, State of Europe’s Forests – 2011 (Page 7)

90% of deforestation is caused by unsustainable agricultural practices.
Underlying causes of deforestation, World Rainforest Movement and UN FAO – 2013

55% of the world’s wood harvest is used for energy and 25% for construction. There are some other uses but paper only directly takes 11% and in addition can utilise up to 7% from construction waste.
Derived from FAOSTAT – 2011

The single biggest direct cause of tropical deforestation is conversion to crop land and pasture, mainly for subsistence, which is growing crops or raising livestock to meet daily needs., Causes of Deforestation – 2009

82.7% of the pulp we use originates from Europe.
Cepi Sustainability Report – 2011 (Page 26)

European Environment Agency (EEA) has stated that ‘Forestry practice in Europe is developing in a way that can be considered good for biodiversity.’
EEA, The European Environment, State and Outlook – 2005

Source: Two Sides