Cheap Print = Quality Print?

Does Cheap Print = Quality Print?…the honest answer is rarely.

One of our print resellers contacted us as they had sourced a cheaper supplier of A6 Flyers. Can you match or beat these prices they asked? Although we did try we just couldn’t get close to the prices advertised, unfortunately we cannot match/beat every single price/offer out there, all we can do is be consistently competitive.

The print reseller in question regularly placed orders with us, however, we received no orders from them for over 3 weeks, obviously the cheaper prices were important to them (so they thought) and they went elsewhere. Week 4 they start placing orders with us again, so we asked them what had happened, their response was that in the 3 week period where they used the cheaper supplier they had received 3 complaints of poor quality print, an order that was not dispatched or lost and unfortunately bad customer service with a slow response to rectifying these issues.

To sum up, price isn’t everything, far from it! The print reseller was still making a substantial profit using us, however, the lure of an extra £7 or so was too much for them. They now have 4 of their large customers that are unhappy that will probably go elsewhere in the future, these 4 customers may have spent upwards of £2000 a year each on print, now possibly with someone else!

As you can see competitive prices are important but high quality products and good customer service are key to growing your customer base.

What print resellers forget is that they shouldn’t be looking to solely compete against online printers who will no doubt offer good prices similar or cheaper than them, but concentrate on putting all their effort into targetting businesses local to them that still use Joe Bloggs Printing Services up the road. Local printers prices are very high, this enables the print reseller to substantially undercut them, as long as the product and service is on a par or better then you will be successful in securing these companies future orders.

And to the print reseller in this example, you know who you are, welcome back! 🙂

NOTE: This post was written with kind permission of our customer.