Entries from August 2008

VAT on printed products

VAT on printed products explained. VAT on printed items can be difficult to understand, even for us! Mainly because what is printed on the product in question can determine if the product is standard rated (vatable) or zero rated (VAT exempt). As an example, leaflets are zero rated as standard, however, if your leaflet was to offer discount […]

Cheap Print = Quality Print?

Does Cheap Print = Quality Print?…the honest answer is rarely. One of our print resellers contacted us as they had sourced a cheaper supplier of A6 Flyers. Can you match or beat these prices they asked? Although we did try we just couldn’t get close to the prices advertised, unfortunately we cannot match/beat every single price/offer […]

What is a coated stock?

Coated Stock Explained Stock is a term used in the printing industry and refers to the material that is to be printed on, for example, paper, card, vinyl etc. As the name suggests, coated stock has a coating and this is usually of china clay, this gives the paper/card a smooth surface which can be […]

Printer’s Bleed

Printer’s Bleed If you haven’t designed print ready artwork before then one of the most important factors to take into consideration is printer’s bleed. Firstly, you need to understand how a commercial printer prints, the following applies to the majority of printed products, however, as an example: You require 5,000 300gsm A6 Flyers, these are […]

FREE Print Templates

At Stationery Direct we offer a wide selection of FREE print templates, our print templates are set in the correct colour mode (CMYK) and contain a blank canvas with the correct trim and bleed for commercial printing. Our print templates are FREE for anybody to download, once you have created your masterpiece they can then be supplied back to […]