Do you charge VAT?

Yes we do, most Business Stationery such as Business Cards, Letterheads and Compliment Slips are standard rated (vatable). Items such as Flyers and Leaflets are zero rated (VAT exempt) and by default our website does not add VAT to the price of these products, however, some products that are normally zero rated can be made standard rated by what is printed on them. For example, if your Flyer or Leaflet was to offer discount on a product or service, or, there was an area to be filled in by the recipient, then this can make the printed product standard rated. In this instance we will let you know that VAT at the standard rate is due. If you are unsure and would like confirmation prior to placing an order please get in touch.

I am not VAT registered, do I still pay VAT?

The simple answer is yes, everybody pays VAT at the standard rate on products that qualify for VAT. The only way you can claim this VAT back is if you are VAT registered.

I have found a printer that does not charge any VAT, why is this?

When a business reaches or exceeds the VAT threshold set by the Government it is then compulsory to charge VAT on all products that qualify. If the company in question does not charge VAT then they are likely to be a small business, with a very low turnover and have not reached this threshold. In our experience printers charging VAT are usually larger companies that are established and therefore more likely to offer a professional service, just like us!

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