Entries from September 2013

Greetings Cards – Order Now!

It may feel like Summer can’t possibly be over yet but Christmas is just 88 days away! We often advise businesses to think about ordering Greetings Cards for their clients and suppliers well in advance, as Christmas is a very busy time of year for this particular product.

It’s all in the Presentation (Folder)!

Presentation Folders are a great way to keep important documents looking neat and tidy as well as professional. They are perfect for giving to your customers or clients, perhaps to store signed paperwork or quotations.

Freelance Designer? Check Out UK Business Forum

If you are currently running your own business, looking to start up or just interested in business in general, please take the time to visit UK Business Forum. A new business forum where members offer friendly advice on a variety of business related topics and issues. It’s also a great place to promote your own […]

Important notice for Gmail users

It has come to our attention that none of our emails are getting through to users with Gmail accounts, they are going direct to the spam folder. Unfortunately clever old Google doesn’t display your spam folder by default so unless you enable this you will never find these emails…and possibly others as no spam filter […]

Lego Staff have the coolest Business Cards

How’s this for a cool Business Card? Lego staff get their own mini-me Lego figures which contain the employee’s name, contact details and are even designed to look like their owners! Head of Lego UK PR Emma Owen said: “I don’t have any red trousers, but otherwise it’s a pretty good likeness. They’re so cute […]