Entries from September 2008

RGB Colour Space > CMYK Colour Space

I was going to blog about the difference between RGB colour space and CMYK colour space, however, I have already written about this on our main website and have decided to post a link to it instead. CMYK Printing

Booklets, Magazines…page numbers and binding?

Most designers with experience of the printing industry will know the following, for those that don’t, this article will hopefully be of use to you ensuring you get exactly what you require. How many pages? We often get asked to give quotes on bespoke jobs, the customer will say for example “I need a quote on 500 […]

What to display on Limited Company Stationery

Due to the amount of times we are asked, I thought I would make a post explaining what (by law) must be displayed on your business stationery if you are a UK limited company. Under the Companies Act 1985 your company must state its name (as it appears in its memorandum of association) on its […]